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Mystery Mob

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Interest age 7 to 11 years
Reading age 7 to 8 years

The Mystery Mob series has been created specifically to encourage boys to get reading and to support teachers with paired and guided reading sessions.

The books have been written by Roger Hurn, bestselling author and primary school teacher, and feature a gang of boys getting into scrapes as they investigate strange mysteries!

The series uses dialogue and humour to engage the reader and includes 24 stories, each featuring two boys from the Mystery Mob. The dialogue is presented in a play-script style making it ideal for paired and guided reading. Each story includes non-fiction pages too – quizzes, character cards, jokes and facts.

Your free eBook is Mystery Mob and the Abominable Snowman – click on the link to download, then save to your network or VLE for access throughout school or from home.

“The children love Mystery Mob so much, they hide them under their desks and sneakily read them when they should be paying attention to the lesson!” - Year 3 teacher

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